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Faay is now also FSC and PEFC certified!

Faay Vianen is now also FSC and PEFC certified!

Since 1 April 2013, Faay Vianen B.V. has been the proud holder of two additional quality marks: the FSC quality mark and the PEFC quality mark. Both quality marks stand for responsible management of forests around the world, both for hardwood and pinewood. With its FSC and PEFC certificates, Faay Vianen guarantees the customer that the wood products used originate from sustainably managed, certified forests. The quality marks re-emphasise that Faay products are responsible and environmentally friendly.

Faay Vianen wants to make an active contribution to a healthy living environment. For this reason, the company opts for renewable raw materials and environmentally friendly materials. Flax, gypsum and wood have formed the basis of all Faay dividing walls and ceiling systems since 1972. Every piece of wood that is processed into these originates from sustainably managed forests. We can confidently state this, because all suppliers of Faay Vianen are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for Endorsement Forest Council) certified. Until recently, however, Faay Vianen was not able to demonstrate this with its own certificates. But now it can, thanks to its own FSC and PEFC certification!

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