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FAAY 40 years

40 years unique partition wall

201201-wand.jpgThe Faay family company was founded in 1972 and was of old a combination of three companies, run by three brothers. In 1984, Cees Faay, one of the brothers, decided to run Faay Vianen B.V. as an independent company. Faay’s wall system was developed by Cees Faay; it was and is unique in its kind: a solid element with a core of pressed flax straw, with a final top layer of plasterboard.
Founder Cees Faay discovered a hole in the market with this system, because many homes that were built just after the Second World War had to be renovated at this time and there was no ready-made solution for the new ‘inside walls’.
Later, the range of wall systems was expanded and it was also possible to finish the final top layer with a vinyl or melamine decor.
FAAY panels have a high impact resistance, satisfy all building- physical requirements and are nail-proof and screw-proof. The basic success of FAAY wall systems lies in the very fast assembly at the building site. 

Faay started producing ceilings in 1996. In the first instance, plasterboards were the raw material for the products. Later, the product range was supplemented with a concealed removable mineral tile. With these ceilings, it is possible to make a party wall construction with sound insulation and fire resistance.

201201-faay-2.jpgDaughter and son take over
In the meantime, daughter Monique and son Mark have taken over. Monique and her brother Mark practically grew up between the partition walls. They did their homework in the evening when their parents gave information evenings and earned some pocket money in the holidays and weekends. “This company was my father’s baby; he thought the product up himself. So you can understand that we are emotionally attached to it.”

An important spearhead for Faay is sustainability. The raw material, flax fibre, is harvested annually. The wooden parts of the plant form the raw material for the walls. The long service life of the walls is also an important factor. This is partly why the company was awarded the ISO 14001 certificate in 2009, which says that it has an environmentally-conscious production process.

Simplicity and quality
Faay Vianen B.V., a truly Dutch family company, is still established in Vianen, where the complete production has since taken place. Faay is a company with enough knowledge and skill in house to deliver perfect quality. Faay is continually on the move; thinks towards the future, develops new products and enters new ‘markets’. New markets do not form a threat for Faay, but a challenge. For more than 40 years, Faay has stood for quality, with ‘quality always wins’ as our motto.

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