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Concept Development

The Retail Industry is about to take a quantum leap.

Retail Technologies

We work very close with several of the latest retail technologies.


I - Stock - Inventory Solutions


hopcloud offers an omni channel retail solution with many smart solutions that will make your business grow. Shopcloud offers a mobile platform with a deep, personal interaction between customers and retailers.

Shopcloud gives the customer many benefits like in-store guidance, product benefits, offers, tips and ideas, self check-out etc. This creates a more attractive shopping experience and facilitates the purchase in the physical store.

Shopcloud gives the retailer a loyal customer, increased average sales per ticket, more control of the business and invaluable data and other tools to interact with the customer.


nside navigation has until now been either science fiction or a very expensive solution. With Inside navigation system customers will find their way, the car, their favorite shop even in flight mode. It’s a sensational development – Say goodbye to complicated set-ups and expensive hardware and welcome Inside’s new hardware free solution. All Inside’s technology requires is a smartphone. Ridiculously accurate sub meter. No deviations, No guessing. Our technology is so specific, it can mean the difference between rushing into the men’s restrooms instead of the women’s…it’s a widely compatible, and easy to implement solution for indoor navigation.


roduct identification. The intelligent eye recognises a product instantly and gives the customer comprehensive information about the product. It also knows where to buy it in the store and how many in stock.


eat mapping tells you how the customers move around your store. What are the hot and cold areas? It tells you how to you use the retail area as effective as possible so that you make sure that your most important products are shown in the right place. No more guessing or using valuable selling time following customers with a pen and paper. Other benefits are a direct shopping advice with instant add-on sales based on personal needs.


obile payment system is a secure way of letting the customer paying for their purchase in the store. It is linked to a credit card or a PayPal function. A digital recipe is sent to the customers and makes it easy to find when needed.

There are many more interesting functions within Shopcloud, and more can be developed according to your specific needs. Contact us for more information on how we can improve your business with Shopcloud!


– Stock offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions for outsourced stocktaking. I – Stock is the inventory solution that provides a cost effective, accurate, efficient service across all industries, fulfilling our client’s needs all over the globe.

The professional retail world is focused on the business’s bottom line. In order to achieve their targets, organisations are using outsourcing services to reach higher productivity while reducing costs.

As an outsourcing solution provider, we start the business by understanding the retailer’s needs, thereby fully customising and integrating the services with the customers operations

In order to achieve these goals we are centering ourselves in:

The human factor – The highest standards of professionalism, integrity, loyalty and reliability with determination to fulfill the targets we set.

The technological factor – Using state of the art technological solutions we provide our customers the leading edge in inventory services and management.


– Stock provides services to a vast range of leading companies in retail such as hypermarkets, food stores, Do It Yourself, fashion, department stores, drugstores, books, large-scale distributors as well as other stock intensive customers in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household appliance and electronics. They are companies like IKEA, Mango, Puma, Leroy Merlin, Zara, Volvo, M&S, Martini, L’Oreal and Office Depot.

I – Stock has proven its effectiveness with large warehouses and industrial factories. We have expertise with stock in different processing stages, liquids and powders.


ur fixed asset inventory solutions are provided to multi-site and multi-national companies with extensive equipment bases. Our flexible team can offer an intensive all in one package including on site stores in the client’s base country as well as warehouses or manufacturing plants that supply the stores from remote locations.

Our customers are in the private sector, governments, educational institutions, public-auditing firms, and more.

Contact us on how we can improve your inventory process.

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